Adams’ Dilemma


When Adam first laid eyes on Eve

Did he know she was the one?

Did he marvel at such beauty?

Was this a love true?


Or is that he had no one else

To compare her to


Maybe she wasn’t beautiful

Maybe she wasn’t to his standard

Could’ve he said to God, she’s fine, but I had another image

in mind


Could’ve he asked God to create three or four women

So he could have a pick of his choosing

Maybe he just figured beggars couldn’t be choosers

Why did Adam really disobey God

Was his love for Eve as such?


He did everything God asked of him up until this point

Maybe Eve had an attitude and wouldn’t listen to reason

Maybe he took a bite of the fruit not to make Eve mad

So she wouldn’t leave him


Did he remember how lonely he was before

And told himself that they just needed some time to adjust

After all, this is bone of his bones, flesh of his flesh

If there is such a thing as a perfect match, this would be it


So maybe he did love Eve as much

However, when God questioned Adam about the tree

He immediate gave her up, as if she was a stranger that he’d

Just met


Whether he thought she was beautiful or not

Even if his love for her wasn’t true

And maybe Eve herself had a different image in her mind, too

God made only one woman and one man

So what else could they do?


I don’t know what I would’ve done in Adams’ situation

Well, perhaps when God questioned me about the tree

I would’ve at least given a hesitation

But who knows how one would handle circumstances such as



To love Eve or to be lonely

To lie to God, rather than to be honest

Like Adam, we all just want to make a living

But what if before we could, we had Adams’ dilemma



 From the book” Writers of Words