The Driven vs The Many

Somehow, someway, The Driven shall make it— their way.

Yet, The Many have claimed they’d lost their minds

And The Driven answered them saying, “but in this, we found ourselves”.


And The Many declared saying, “look-see! they have fallen”.

And The Driven answered them, “yet, have not we made it up-there”?


In their pride-fullness, and single-mindedness spoke The Many saying:

“was not our assessment fair? and you again have failed greatly”.

And The Driven answered them with gladly saying:

“Yet, it was but a falter, and in it much knowledge have we gained,

and have already started again”.


And The Many, in there togetherness ridiculed,

and claimed The Driven to be on the fool’s errand

And The Driven answered them saying:

Then let it be known unto the world—

We’re the foolish of them all — for we’re Fools Driven.