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My Poetry

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Final Prayer

To Reach Such A Depth

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Whole Heart

This America Competes

Bolivar Funeral Home

Adams’ Dilemma

Fight Of His Life

The Power He Had Gained

Who Are The Poets?


Features(Poetry of Poets)

  • A Minor Bird by. Robert Frost
  • Confirmation by: Paul Laurence Dunbar
  • Peace by: Langston Hughes
  • Sonnet 132 by: William Shakespeare
  • Morning Song by: Sylvia Plath
  • Love In Place by: Nikki Giovanni
  • In the Depths of Solitude by: Tupac Shakur
  • The Mother by: Gwendolyn Brooks
  • O Captain! My Captain! by: Walt Whitman
  • If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking by: Emily Dickinson
  • Incident by: Countee Cullen
  • The Weary One by: Pablo Neruda
  • Woman Work by: Maya Angelou
  • Eldorado by: Edgar Allan Poe
  • My Childhood Home I See Again by: Abraham Lincoln
  • so you want to be a writer? by: Charles Bukowski
  • Robin Hood  by: John Keats
  • The Addict by: Anne Sexton
  • On Virtue by: Phillis Wheatley
  • A Desolation by: Allen Ginsberg
  • When I am dead, my dearest by: Christina Georgina Rossetti
  • Bury Me in a Free Land by: Frances E. W. Harper
  • Solitude by: Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  • I Am The People, The Mob by: Carl Sandburg
  • A Psalm of Life by: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • Facing It by: Yusef Komunyakaa
  • The Betrothal by: Edna St. Vincent Millay
  • I Am in Need of Music by: Elizabeth Bishop
  • Life Is Bitter by: William Ernest Henley
  • Banned Artist by: Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan
  • Ain’t I A Woman? by: Sojourner Truth
  • A Poet To His Baby Son  by: James Weldon Johnson
  • Face to Face by: Rabindranath Tagore
  • An Indian Love Song by: Sarojini Naidu
  • Moonchild by: Lucille Clifton
  • She by: Jibanananda Das
  • Unfortunate Coincidence by: Dorothy Parker
  • If by: Rudyard Kipling
  • A Poem For Myself by: Etheridge Knight
  • Lots Wife by: Anna Akhmatova
  • At Midnight by: Sara Teasdale
  • The Lightning Flash by: Khalil Gibran
  • The Faithless Wife  by: Federico García Lorca
  • Unending Love by: Rabindranath Tagore
  • South by: Natasha Trethewey
  • Bedtime Story by: Wanda Coleman
  • The Dancer: The Wanderer by: Khalil Gibran
  • Mark Antony’s Speech From Julius Caeser by: William Shakespeare

Writers of Words Quotes


Poets Review

Extracts from my Mind, The Second Manifest by:  Rachael Belle Myers

Pigmented Perspectives by: Arlene Abraham

The Book of Jacob by: Jacob Grovey

Until Tomorrow Comes  by: LaDonna Marie

Lyric of the wind chime by: Michael D. Brown

Anthology Edited by: James Robert (Breaking Silence )

23 Locked Doors by: Mellon Black

Songs in the Key of Cleveland (An Anthology of the 2013 Best Cleveland Poem Competition)

Sinisters Witnesses, Goddness In The Silence by: Robert Ahanes

 [OR] by: Brian Henderson

Songs of A Clerk by: Gary Beck

46: by: Melissa Burke

Bone by: Yrsa Daley-Ward



Black And White Face Art 3

Cherry Blossom

Dark Innocence

By: Megan

  1. Reflect A While
  2. Calmness Within
  3. Dark Innocence

Cool Cat by: Daniel Gueorguiev

A woman in black by: Franco Ferri Mala

La bella violinista francese 2 by: Franco Ferri Mala

Man Who Loves Pigeon by: Ann

by: Yuri Iluhin

The Warrior by: Franco Ferri Mala

Smoke by: Boby

Europe – Italy / Carnival in Venice by: RURO photography

Doris by: Franco Ferri Mala

Sometimes to be young is not enough 2 by: Franco Ferri Mala

by: 左 撇子

Little Red Riding Hood

  1. Do Not Look
  2. Red Girl
  3. Chiao Yun
  4. Students
  5. Chaos

A Vous de Jouer by: Ann

Let Her Sing For You Tonight by: Ann

kinematics dress – Jump by: Jessica Rosenkrantz


Fall North by: Tim McLean

Blues In The Night by: Jennifer Jenkinson


Drawing (B&W)

Usher by: rvm

Daniela by: Eddgar2

“Work” by: Charles W. White

Keira Knightley by: rvm

Harvest Talk 1953 by: Charles Wilbert White

2Pac by: Nostalgic 2001

Johnny Depp by: Nostalgic 2001

Naz by: Nostalgic 2001

The Beach Boy Paul by: PZCherokee

Blood and Lust by: PZCherokee

Baby Girl (Aaliyah) by: PZCherokee

The Magician Daniel by: PZCherokee

Katy Perry- Pin Up by: Charlzton

Iron Mike Tyson by: WhizzieWhizzer

Angelina Jolie by: WhizzieWhizzer  

Brad Pitt by: WhizzieWhizzer

Jimi Hendrix by: WhizzieWhizzer  

Eye Study by: WhizzieWhizzer  

Monica Bellucci- Honey by: hrm-n

Ray by: hrm-n

Billie Holiday by: Nathalief87

Dara by: JamesF69*

Whitney Houston Tribute by: yib91

Jennifer Lindsay by: JamesF63*

Kaito Kun by: JamesF63*

Kim Taeyeon by: JamesF63*

Bob Marley by: JamesF63*

Will Smith by: Electricgod

Enrique Iglesias by: Electricgod

1-16 by: Rick-Kill-Pencils

  1. Hugh Laurie-Addicted
  2.  Clint Eastwood
  3. Denzel Washington-Malcon X
  4. Marlon Brando- The Godfather
  5. Robert DeNiro and Cuba Gooding Jr.
  6. Stevie Wonder-I Just Called to say
  7. Willie Nelson
  8. Jim Caviezel- Person of Interest
  9. Michael Emerson- Person of Interest
  10. Katey Sagal – Gemma- Son of Anarchy
  11. Lee Ermey-Semper Fi
  12. Michael Jordan-Chicago Bulls
  13. Kurt Cobain
  14. Don Cheadle
  15. Jack Nicholson – Chinatown
  16. James Spader-Blacklist

Harry Potter by: Nobodysghost

Mesmerizing by: Nobodysghost

Kate Winslet by: JMStudios

Halle Berry by: SandraSaar

Katniss Everdeen by: Mafin 10*



Negress Black Woman

Father- by Fabiano Millani

Jesus Cristo-by Fabiano Millani

“JULIETTE” by: Ju-Vi

Enemy by: 413

Rafael by: kamalky

Obed by: Kamalky

Grey and Red by: boykokolev

10 AM by: boykokolev

1-14 by: Reno Castaneda

  1. Flores
  2. Girasols
  3. IMG_1243final
  4. foto-8(2)
  5. IMG_0419(2)
  6. 007(2)
  7. IMG_0421
  8. carta-al-cielo
  9. retocada800
  10. IMG_3040
  11. oilpainting1
  12. IMG_3027
  13. IMG_3052
  14. 004_v2(2)

1-12 by: Marzena Lavrilleux

  1. Eclipse
  2. Lady
  3. I’m Thirst
  4. Basement
  5. BB Photographer
  6. Double Life
  7. Sleepless Night
  8. Side Face
  9. Jazz Club
  10. Signpost
  11. Top Veiw
  12. Eden


Sculpture Art & 3D

1-6 by: Dot Vile—

  1. The Art Factory
  2. Within/Without
  3. Womb/House
  4. Sleep With Me
  5. Empty Nest
  6. Basement: South Philly

by: Paul Hamanaka—

  1. Re-Opening
  2. AChe #5
  3. “Life 0106″
  4. Love 9912
  5. Love 0110
  6. Love 0107
  7. Hugging #4
  8. Summer


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