Eureka Trivia 6.0


Eureka Trivia 6.0

Book Size:

Paperback: 6″ x 9″ 

250 pages

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Eureka Trivia 6.0 is a great trivia book for all Eureka fans. With over 300 questions, this trivia book is designed so you can play single games, group games, or just read at your leisure.  It was vital for us as fans to provide this book with only the best of questions so you can relive each moment. We have included answer sheets, cutouts, and all references to the questions. We want you to know exactly where we found them.

Whether you play on your own; play in group play, or just read through for your enjoyment, we hope you have a Eureka fun time!


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Game Play:

  • A Stand-Alone Read
  • Single & Group  Play                                                                      
  • Level Chart (which cast(s) level are you on?)
  • Over 280 multiple choice questions
  • Complete reference answers guide
  • Answer sheets cutouts


  • Earn an internship at Global Dynamics
  • Gain access to Section 1-4
  • Become an assistant to a top scientist
  • Get your own lab at Global Dynamics              
  • Become Head of Global Dynamics
  • Oh, and, you could also get Redacted




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