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“It’s Just the Beginning”



1. What is Jack’s original profession?

A. Local Sheriff
B. U.S. Marshall
C. F.B.I Agent
D. Scientist


2. In the pilot episode, what were the first words Zoe and Jack said to each other?

A. Zoe: “Are all cops this angry”? Jack: “This isn’t angry, I was angry at the truck stop when you told the waitress that I touched you funny. We’re way past angry”.

B. Zoe: “I told you we should’ve made a left back there”. Jack: “Don’t make me use pepper spray”.

C. Jack: “Would it kill’em to post a road sign once in a while”? Zoe: “Will you remind me again why we’re not on a plane right now? Oh. That’s right. The big bad Marshal’s afraid to fly”.

D. Jack: “Don’t say anything”. Zoe: “Dog”!


3. Sheriff Cobb brought Zoe back into the sheriff’s office after she tried to escape, and just after Jo unarmed Jack. What did Zoe tell Sheriff Cobb her name was?

A. Haley
B. Ajeet
C. Lisa
D. Shania


4. What color was the Archimedes statue before the guys changed things on Founders’ Day?
A. Bronze
B. Gold
C. Silver
D. Granite


5. When is Jack’s birthday, and what day did Kevin say it was on? Eureka

A. March 18, 1969 (Wednesday)
B. May 13, 1969 (Tuesday)
C. October 15, 1971 (Thursday)
D. April 18, 1968 (Friday)


6. What kind of candy did Brian Perkins steal, that led Jack to find him hiding in the motor home?

A. Hershey’s Bar with Almonds
B. Jumbo Berries
C. Crunch Big Bar
D. Hershey’s Big Block with Almonds


7. Who was doing a Midsummer Night’s Dream play?

A. Zoe
B. Putnam
C. Vincent
D. Spencer
E. A.B
F. B.C


8. What was the name of Henry’s garage in the pilot episode?

A. Henry’s Car Clinic
B. Henry’s Garage
C. Henry’s Garage Shop
D. Henry’s Car Shop


9. Who worked for Henry?

A. Spencer
B. Fargo
C. Jason
D. Kim


10. Who is Callister Raynes?

A. A robot
B. Jo’s ex-boyfriend
C. Artificially Intelligent Being
D. Nathan Stark’s creation
E. All the above





1.    B.    U.S. Marshall
2.   B.     Zoe: I told you we should’ve made a left back there. Jack: Don’t make me use pepper spray on you.
3.   D.     Shania
4.   D.     Granite
5.   B.     May 13, 1969 (Tuesday)
6.   D.    Hershey’s Big Block with Almonds
7.   E.     A.B
8.   A.    Henry’s Car Clinic
9.   A.    Spencer
10. E.    All the above





1. Pilot (Jack revealed this to Jo while she had her knee in his back)
2. Pilot (This was revealed with the first car scene in the very beginning)
3. Pilot (This was revealed in the first sheriff office scene)
4. Founders’ Day (This is revealed just after they returned)
5. Pilot (This is revealed by Kevin in front of the sheriff office)
6. Pilot (This is seen as Brian is in the store stealing candy)
7. Before I Forget (This is revealed in the sheriff’s office as Jo talks to Jack. (This is revealed while he was putting together Zoe’s costume)
8. Pilot (This is revealed in the first scene at Henry’s Garage)
9. Pilot (Spencer is working at the check-out) Alienated (Henry tells Jack something happen to Spencer because he’s never been late)
10. Right as Raynes (Nathan explains this to Jack and Allison in his lab) (Jo says this to Allison while on the phone in the sheriff office)







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Global Dynamics



Tess Fontana


  1. What was the first episode I appeared in?
  1. What kind of drink did I ask Vincent for my first day in Eureka?


Allison Blake


  1. What other language do I speak?
  1. What is M-Theory Physics?