Mastered Before Its Time


Too bad for them

The artist dies before the artistry ever lives

It’s a Masterpiece

A Masterpiece time has revealed

The people see it

They marvel, it’s magnificent

It’s surreal


Too bad for them

Who never see the artist who lived

To see the artistry that the great artist’s imagination creates

To see manipulation of emotions; manipulated in a trance-like state

To see this craft in its truest form






The critic shall criticize

Likewise those of the prestigious name

What they shall use for their artistry-present assessment

Is that of a past-time gauge, that can never define

A Masterpiece

Mastered before its time


Yet the prestigious shall come to know it

When the artistry that was too deep to be seen with the

Shallow eye… epoch rise


What was clearly there before and the same

Is now seen through new eyes


The people have no other word to say of it

Even the critics themselves had to admit it

The artistry is none less than—




Too bad for them

Who shall never see the complete artist who lived

But what is just left behind




Mastered before its time