Orphan Black Trivia Nature Nurture (Quiz)

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1) Where did Cosima tell Delphine she was from?
2) Who did Beth shoot in an alleyway?
3) When Alison came back from her married counseling retreat, Aynsley came into her house and started reading her mail. What did Alison ask Aynsley to give back to her?
4) “Art, if you’re hearing this, you found a body. It’s not Beth. It me. My name is Sarah Manning, and you’re about the only person I trust to figure the whole thing out.”
5) Who coaches kids figure skating?
6) When Sarah first met Paul face to face, what type of shirt did she have on?
7) Who convinced Beth that Paul was a spy?
8) How much did Alison and Donnie end up buying Ramon’s business for?
9) What’s Paul last name?
10) Who did Krystal think the Dyad Institute, and Brightborn was targeting?
11) Who was professor Duncan’s lab assistant on Project LEDA?
12) Who did Mud call tweedle small and tweedle tall?