Peter Allen


This car has finally let me down

I jump out into the storming rain

Still on the phone with my brother

Trying to encourage him that things will change


I don’t know if he hung up on me or not

But the signal was lost

I tried calling him back

But instantly the line was dropped


Running as fast as I can

I’m still a couple of blocks away

Not wanting to take any chances

I dialed 911 just in case


My mind and I are racing

My God, this is my young brother

A hug and a tap on the back isn’t enough,

When the problems so deeply seeded, takes

A life of its own, before anyone else is able to see it


I put my phone in my back pocket and tried to run faster,

after I dialed his number again

And still there was no answer


The rain has slowed, but I’m soaking and wet

I’m trying to take a shortcut, if I can remember the way

An old man who’s just walked onto his porch

Is cursing at me for jumping over his gate


Hearing the sirens gave me the strangest feeling

I’ve heard them many times before

But this time it felt rather daunting

Because now I knew exactly

Where these sirens were going


I made it to the end of my brothers’ street

I catch my breath and see something

That I couldn’t believe


In the yard they were covering what looks to be a body

I must have kept on walking

Because I didn’t notice my feet on the lawn

Until I was touched in the chest by an officer


I was so numb and so out of it,

I said excuse me to the officer

And tried to step around him


While being grabbed and subdued,

I glance up at the porch and see blood all over it,

And two more bodies near the front door whom

The officers’ haven’t had time to cover yet


Although I see this with my eyes

I’m not really grasping what is happening

I finally notice the person next to me,

Who appears to be a detective trying his best to question me

I mumble “Yes sir; this is my brothers’ house”

And “Yes, he lives here with his family”


With my mind gradually piecing things together

I started yelling “NO! NO! NO!” hysterically

Fighting and pushing officers away

As they tell me to calm down

Pulled my hands behind my back

And proceeded to cuff them down


As I sit here inside this ambulance

And begin to gather myself

I hear the paramedic say to one of the officers

“You can ask him a few questions now, but please try not to

press; we want to take him in to administer a couple more



As soon as the detective says “Mr. Allen”

I say “just tell me what happened”

He says “when was the last time you spoke with your


I said “first you need to answer my question”


“Sir, there appears to have been some sort of dispute

A young boy, girl and woman whom we’ve identified

As the mother, were all shot and is deceased


I am sorry for your loss, but we do need to know

The father, your brother’s, whereabouts”

“He’s not in there?”

“No, he is not in the house”


“The last time I spoke with him

Was like an hour or so ago

He sounded very agitated and distraught

As a matter a fact, that’s when I dialed 911

Asking them if they could send someone out”


Just then a lady officer walks over and

Says “Detective Pierce, Sir”,

He takes a few steps over— take pause

To Says “Mr. Allen, pardon me”

She says “Sir. I have something I think you need to see”


With the loud crackling thunder,

And lightning electrifying the night sky,

I feel like I’m taking part in a horror film

My mind starts replaying everything over and over

I take a deep breath trying to keep my composure


The lady officer is still whispering something into his ear

What I overheard wasn’t clear, but sounded like “Under her

Dress” He receives a note and says —

“Thanks, I’ll handle the rest

Oh! And Officer Garcia”

“Sir!” … “Let’s not tell anyone else”.


With his attention back to me,

He says, “This is a note that was found in the house;

it has all the victims’ names on it which have all been crossed-out

but beside of each name, it says “Have chosen you”

Do you know what this means?”

“No sir, I don’t have a clue”


Everyone stops immediately to see who was running

Toward the crime scene and yelling something which

Appears to be directed at me

When I heard, “Pete it was an accident

I didn’t mean to shoot” I knew it was my brother

And the officers knew it too


Before I could tell him to stop running

The officers pulled out their guns yelling “Stop”!

But when he pulled out his own gun

Trying to empty the magazine

I knew his intentions wasn’t the officers

Because the shots he fired, was directed towards

The detective and me


As I raised up from the back of the ambulance

I was shot in the arm and leg

With paramedics surrounding me

I see an officer over my brothers’ body look up and say

“No sir, I’m afraid he is dead”


I’m in the back of the ambulance

Sirens blazing on my way to the hospital

I turn and see Detective Pierce refusing to take a seat

Telling the paramedic he’s fine and that he needed to talk

To me

They tell him he needs to stop moving around and

Remain calm, for he himself was bleeding from the arm


Aloud, I said, he said

“Pete! It was an accident I didn’t mean to shoot”

That’s when the detective said “look, Mr. Allen

When I talked to you before, I didn’t tell you the whole truth

Not only did the note have the names written of the

Three victims, your name was written on it too”




And although the three victims’ names were crossed-out

Yours was not. And beside each name didn’t just say

“Have chosen you” what I alluded you to

But did say “Pete, Satan has chosen you

And that is what your brother yelled right

Before he began to shoot


We’d contacted your wife and sent patrols to your home,

Because we’ve found evidence in your brothers’ house

That lead us to believe he was not acting alone


This has the similarity of a case I worked fifteen years ago

Six people were murdered in what was deemed to have been

a cult. But we never found the Perp. or perpetrators’ involved,

But we did find this same type of note


I received a called last night from someone who threatened

my life. After I did a trace it led me here, to your brothers’



Also Mr. Allen, you should know, my daughter was one of

Six murdered. And when I opened my mail this morning,

I pulled out a photo of my daughter’s death that wasn’t taken by forensic,

so it had to have been taken by someone linked to the victims.


Now as long as I’m breathing, I refuse to let history continue repeating itself.

So Mr. Allen, I need you to really think hard,

and see if you can remember anything else”


Although I was in extreme pain, I heard every word

I didn’t know if I was a suspect or not, but by the look on his

face, I knew he would never stop, until all who is involved

was either dead or caught


I just whispered, “Okay Detective Pierce;

I don’t know how much I can help, but I will surely try”

My cell phone rings, we both see a text that reads,


“You’re being watched”


  From the book” Writers of Words


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