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Poet’s Review is reviews on poets’ work that we at UnControlled Pen have reviewed and given our thoughts on. We have no contact with the authors and at the current time does not accept books or writings for review. These reviews are our personal thoughts. They are not meant to have any merit on any other reader preference and enjoyment. We support the artist by purchasing their product.



ExtractsfrommyMindBookLaunchInvitationau-0831-506738-frontRachael Belle Myers: Poet, Screenwriter and filmmaker. (From Bio)

Book OneExtracts from my Mind- Amazon

Book Two-The Second ManifestAmazon

Rachael Belle Myers is a lyrical poet that has the wonderful ability to write with great depth. Her poetry is visual and can be somewhat dark, but relatable. You will find that Rachael writes about lost love, suicide, and what takes place when the soul goes numb. She’s able to write powerful and visual poetry in short verses that I find has been a lost art.With each book, you will instantly notice her style by the stylist dark font used in the books. Indeed it set the tone for an enjoyable read.

Rachael Belle Myershttp://www.jadedbelle.com/#




Arlene Abraham

 Arlene Abraham: Poet, Pianist, Song writer (From Bio)

BookPigmented Perspectives

Arlene Abraham is a talent poet which brings life’s uncertainties to the forefront with a spiritual perspective. Although she writes about the meaning of life, love, and friendships lost; she does it, well, from a Pigmented Perspectives. Which in tells is an analytical assessment from every angle that will in someway inspire you. Not only that, her words have the power to befriend you. Even to uplift you in a way that will make you want to take action. The cover itself shows hurt/pain, yet extreme focus on the task at hand.“Life“

Arlene Abraham Website: arleneabraham.wordpress.com

Pigmented Perspectives—AmazonXlibris




The book of Jacob

Jacob Grovey is an intriguing writer and storyteller.

BookThe Book of Jacob by: Jacob Grovey

His style in The Book of Jacob is subtle, kind of calm as if he takes you to the places he’s talking about. Where you were once a reader outside looking in, you become a part of the story with the minds eye. Not knowing you have now become to stand on the street corner or in the class rooms he’s talking about. The book is written like a novel with almost a step by step account of him becoming of age. You will find Prose, poetry and well, a sort of style I guess one would call eccentric. After all, I like eccentric.  Examples of this come with the prose/letter, Reflection and Teach On. It’s as if you’re looking at something you wouldn’t normally entertain, yet it’s intriguing enough that you must indeed take that second look. His style is gravitating.

The Book of Jacob — Barnes and nobleAmazon





Book-Until Tomorrow Comes  By: LaDonna Marie

LaDonna Marie is a poet that strives to give you a spiritual uplifting jolt of confident. She writes poems about her personal struggles with self-esteem and finding a place in the world. Many will find her story very relatable, and enjoy the beautifulness of the poems themselves. One poem in particular is “The Mask’ “you don’t see the heartache and loneliness that came with this mask I chose to wear all because the of fear”  She want you to know its okay to be who you are inside and out.

Another poem to look out for is “Conversations with a Child” here is a verse—“Don’t you hang you head down in shame ’cause of where you live and what you don’t have; just tell them who your father is, God almighty, with his promises you are to have treasures and wealth and be the lender and not the borrower.” Her poems will help lift you up as you try to persevere through your own self esteem problems.

Book: Until Tomorrow Comes— Buy here! or at Amazon

Website: LaDonna Marie





Book: Lyric of the wind chime By: Michael Brown

Michael D. Brown: Award winning poet, Professor of English and the author of more than 17 books. (from bio)

Michael D, Browns’ Lyric of the wind chime is a poetry book with an apex formula of intelligent word play and simplicity. A poet who is able to bring together the word to convey the beautiful verse. The book touches on many subject matters such as Nanjing China, of where he’s a professor of English. There are poems that are biblical, poems about depression, “The cuckoo’s Nest” E.E Cummings and President Obama. I feel Michael D. Brown is a great poet and is well skilled in his delivery of verse. I believe if you enjoy this book, you will find yourself rereading it often. The elegance words has that kind of longevity enjoyability.

The Swan -The ugly duckling looks in the mirror of its own reflection to see a swan: A swan looks in the reflection of its image in the ripple of a lake to find imperfection; in the cracked mirror waving in the liquid silver on the surface reflection its own face, never satisfied having forgotten the transformation it had to undertake.

Lyric of the wind chime Lulu.com

Dr. Michael D. Brown—Here!






Book- Breaking Silence (A Poetic Lifeline from Slavery to Love)

An Anthology Edited by James Robert

The breaking silence anthology is filled with a wonderful group of poets. The poets craft an intelligent and enlighten poems about slavery. The poems are able to capture imagery and provide inform emotions. Although this collection is the subject matter of oppression and slavery of a people; it’s written for all. You will read poems such as Echoes of life-” The echoes of gun fires which brought shivers down our spine when first heard at down,” Mutual Arrival-“They came purposefully to hurt us to loot us from our belonging shores men of the bible who appeared in innocent nose that smell a rat”.

If you like intellectual poetry, give these Fifty-two poets from Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Australia, Kenya, South Africa, United States, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Malaysia, India and Philippine a chance. It’s chance to witness great artistry.

Breaking Silence-Amazon






Book: 23 Locked Doors by: Mellon Black 

23 Locked Doors by Mellon Black is a great and entertaining read. The books have a nice flow consisting of power, intelligent wordplay and perspective. She, Mellon Black, gave me the impression of a torn soul. The book reads as if a person is being pulled in all directions, but their own. It feels as she was listening from all directions, yet no one was listening from hers.

This has morph her words into a power perspective roadmap leading into all directions. She speaks on religion, being a woman, and the state of the world today. Also, my personal favored, Dearest Whitman, it was all a fantasy: this is a poem she wrote about what he saw while writing Leaves of Grass, and what she see now.


23 Locked Doors- Amazon  Goodreads




Sonng in the Key

Book: Songs in the Key of Cleveland (An Anthology of the 2013 Best Cleveland Poem Competition.)

by: Jack McGuane, T.M. Göttl, Catherine Criswell and Geoffrey Landis

This Anthology of poems is dedicated as the title states, to Cleveland. It focuses on the landscapes, its blue-collar workers and the city beauty within. While reading this anthology, I found myself unable to gravitate towards imagery with the mind’s eye. By this, as an outsider, I didn’t get a feel that I must make haste to visit the beautiful landscapes and eateries. It felt more so for those who know the city well, and could relate to the simple, yet precious.

However, the style does deliver a lax teaching awareness, which gravitated me towards understanding. I could feel what it means to the Cleveland natives in the winters and to be a proud blue-collar worker from the city. It’s written for the outsiders to understand and for the insider to remember to be proud from the city of Cleveland.

Songs in the Key of Cleveland- Amazon

Executive Editor– Poet and Publisher John B. Burroughs- Blog,  Website 





Robert Ahanes:

First Book: Sinister Witnesses, This book is dark, a darkness that refuses the light, for it longs to understand itself. It reads as hurt that must be discovered, and pain the must be accepted. Although the path is dark, the message is clear. Although some poems grabbed me at the right time, I felt others were too quick. I felt the lure of the dance needed to be a little longer. But overall, a nice read!

Second Book: Goddess In The Silence, for starters, the cover is alluring. ”The Forbidden Fruit”

These Poems surely seek to regale within the Greek Mythology realm, yet there’s something deeper behind it all. Something within the writing, something that speaks of good and evil needing each other. Something that speaks of evil needing love. The poems can be individual thoughts, to be read not so much as a whole, but as each line within the verse to be observant. Robert Ahanes keeps the writing up front and quiet, and the backdrop dark; which helps the book carryout its purpose. The poems are composed with storytelling with a lure of a dark Limerick style.

Robert Ahanes is a great innovative writer that has a lot in his mind’s eye to explore and articulate. If you enjoy what is dark, maybe you can see what lies within Robert Ahanes mind’s eye. Maybe in the end, you will have to ask yourself, are you the reader on the outside, or the witness in?

Sinister WitnessesAmazon

Goddess In The SilenceAmazon 




61BZfZYw6GLBrian Henderson [OR]

This is a well crafted poetry book; I found it not to be of the multiple tones of emotions, but one controlled. I found Brian Henderson words are patient, careful not to focus on sadness, but the perspective of persevering. The book layout is setup as if the book needs to be decoded, which always feels you’re missing something. First, focus on the poems; they speak of wars, the activity of spy and government. His poems are colorful, accommodated by nature’s precise temperament.

So, this book reads for me as a book that is personal, one that each individual will listen as they read and hear. Hear the pain, lost, and hopelessness, but you then feel the persevering of finding peace within. It’s not poems you’ll hear around a campfire or roundtable, but those poems you hear when you walk into a cave and ask the old man or the young child, “What has happen here?” and be amazed.

Brian Henderson: Website [OR] Amazon





Songs of A Clerk. by: Gary Beck

Firstly, take the title at its words, it is truthful to this. The book is written to tackle the daily unsatisfactory of one’s occupation. It’s has the opportunity to take you on a journey, but drop you off before you get to a place you haven’t seen before.
Example Poem:Casualty:

“This evening she will come,
The dark-harried girl I adore.
She promised.
I sit a Baron of power Dreaming her perfect,
But the drabness of my office day
smashes my vision and leaves me at my desk,
a victim of my pencils”.

The first part, This evening she will come, The dark-harried girl I adore. She promised. I sit a Baron of power Dreaming her perfect. This first part gave me excitement, and the thirst for more, but then given a familiar drink. My thirst was fulfilled with the relatable; but felt we walked side by side without an out. All the poems are about occupation, as the title suggest which are quite good. Gray Beck did a great job (no point intended) staying on topic.
I feel though, this poetry book is a category book. You will enjoy this book more if you are feeling down about your job/career path. If you are looking for a poetry book with different themes, this one may feel a little repetitive. Overall, this poetry book is good in providing the messages for which it was meant for. In my opinion, this Poetry book is what it is, and I have rated as so. A great read if you are in a difficult job/career path situation.

Songs of A Clerk: Amazon




46: by: Melissa Burke

This collection of poems are not full of metaphors; nor will it pull you deep so you can find yourself. With the subject being as it is, nor should it.

Melissa gives it to you straight, sometimes feels as though in real time. Her poems are about Mental Illness which challenges her in a wide range of emotional obstacles. She also speaks on cutting in her poem “Cut”, this one was very interesting to say the least. I found her poems to be heartfelt, honest and gravitating. Also, although she said she’s not humorous; I found some of them to have a humorous undertone, as well as that of a storyteller.

Melissa, if she continues to write, she will be able to bring her scattered thoughts, and calculated thoughts together in a way that will blow our minds. This collection was indeed a nice read, and I ‘m looking forward to reading more of her work.

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BoneBone by: Yrsa Daley-Ward

These poems did keep me engaged. She writes about relationships, being a black woman, and being a woman in general. She also writes about family and death. Although Yrsa Daley-Ward poems seem to be confessional, she write them in a storytelling form. Some of her poems are short like “Secret and lesson”. Others are longer prose like “it is what it is”.

It has been going on like this
for years. I provide the bed
and all of my body.
She provides the drink,
foots all of the bill.

Notes: I feel some of these poems will touch the reader most who has had some of the experiences within these poems. Those who have not been around any of the experiences, might find these poems less appreciative. It will touch them, but not grab them. In closing, it’s a good book of poetry and prose that lovers of poetry should give a read.

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