The Peaceful Thinker

cropped-HD-12-678x300 Love No need to seek it, he loved you first.
cropped-HD-12-678x300 Material Possessions  Even in this, He’s the cheerful giver.
cropped-HD-12-678x300 Faith  All is needed is a little.
cropped-HD-12-678x300 Transgressions Ask, and they shall be forgiven.
cropped-HD-12-678x300 Suffering  It won’t last long.
cropped-HD-12-678x300 Storms  Only to keep you strong.
cropped-HD-12-678x300 Trust It goes both ways.
cropped-HD-12-678x300 The Good Servant Helps the good friend and stranger the same.
cropped-HD-12-678x300 Righteousness — Give to the needy as it is given unto you.
cropped-HD-12-678x300 Encouragement  It last only the season, prepare yourself for the next.
cropped-HD-12-678x300 The Hand Extended.
cropped-HD-12-678x300 The Moment More important than the year and the day. 
cropped-HD-12-678x300 By All Means Control your circumstance; refuse your circumstance to control you.
cropped-HD-12-678x300 Wisdom of Despair  The weary brings clarity; they speak form the broken heart, Now purified.
cropped-HD-12-678x300 Balanced Be patient, but don’t lag behind.
cropped-HD-12-678x300 Pulled Out Reached First.
cropped-HD-12-678x300 Hope The last line of defense, it’s unbreakable, but can be taken away.
cropped-HD-12-678x300 Untamed Power, Riches and  Greed May God Help Us All!