This America Competes


We compete for food

We compete for shelter

Compete for love,

Even to stay healthy


We compete for education

We compete to be religious

Compete for our sexuality,

Even for public housing


We compete against our neighbors

We compete to have rights

Compete for our children—

Just to have a basic civilian life


We compete as husbands and wives

Single mothers— fathers

As hard as we work,

We’re forced to work harder


Every day we compete

So many sleepless nights

So many stressful days


If you don’t want to work

Don’t expect to get paid

Take it or leave it


Yes! It’s minimum wage


This America has no place for

Beggars nor choosers

You’re either the winner or loser





It’s all we ever do


Dear Congress,

And Mr. President too,

Don’t you know this America—

Even has to compete with you


 From the book” Writers of Words