Who Are The Poets?




The Poet—

Transcending the soul’s essence into the word

One word yet another word

One by one formulating a great bond


To be forever linked as one whole

Each word belonging, not to sit still

Swaying as if surrounded by

The soft sounds of a saxophone

And so, became the poem


The poem is more than a connection of words

More than metaphors, rhymes, a deciphered text


A poem can motivate, sing and dance

Awaken forgotten thoughts

Teach, guide, and be a friend

It calms your fears letting you know you’re not alone

A poem… understands


You asked who are the poets?

Why… The Poet

Let it be said,


The poets are a brotherhood, sisterhood

A vessel that houses a necessary burden

It houses the word that becomes words

That became poetry, which is the poem


We’ve been given the ears to hear

Eyes to see, and unwavering compassion

We were given the ability to absorb what you feel


Not only that…

We were given your story

We become— your story


The poet is not perfect,

But the poem must be perfection

When its destination is reached

It must travel into the soul without stall or confrontation


The poets willingly endure much anguish

Knowing their suffering is without vain

For it shall touch the lives of many


Is this not beautiful?

Isn’t that, Heaven sent?


When they ask, who we are?

When they ask, are we relevant?


Let it be said…

They are the Writers of Words

Let it be written…

Indeed… it does matter


 From the book” Writers of Words